Don't Panic.

# Automate all the things

If you can do it with Python, you can automate it with Prefect.

# Test local, deploy global

Workflows are developed and tested locally, then deployed for execution at scale.

# Simple but powerful

Prefect Cloud is powered by GraphQL, Dask, and Kubernetes, so it's ready for anything.

# Prefect

We've rebuilt data engineering for the data science era.

Prefect is a new workflow management system, designed for modern infrastructure and powered by the open-source Prefect Core workflow engine. Users organize Tasks into Flows, and Prefect takes care of the rest.

Read the docs; get the code; ask us anything!

# Hello, world! 👋

from prefect import task, Flow

def say_hello():
    print("Hello, world!")

with Flow("My First Flow") as flow:

flow.run() # "Hello, world!"