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Explore Prefect concepts

Concept Description
Flows A Prefect workflow, defined as a Python function.
Tasks Discrete units of work in a Prefect workflow.
Deployments A server-side concept that encapsulates flow metadata, allowing it to be scheduled and triggered via API.
Work Pools & Workers Use Prefect to dynamically provision and configure infrastructure in your execution environment.
Schedules Tell the Prefect API how to create new flow runs for you automatically on a specified cadence.
Results The data returned by a flow or a task.
Artifacts Formatted outputs rendered in the Prefect UI, such as markdown, tables, or links.
States Rich objects that capture the status of a particular task run or flow run.
Blocks Prefect primitives that enable the storage of configuration and provide a UI interface.
Task Runners Configure how tasks are run - concurrently, in parallel, or in a distributed environment.
Automations Configure actions that Prefect executes automatically based on trigger conditions.
Block and Agent-Based Deployments Description
Block-based Deployments Create deployments that rely on blocks.
Infrastructure Blocks that specify infrastructure for flow runs created by a deployment.
Storage Lets you configure how flow code for deployments is persisted and retrieved.
Agents Like untyped workers.

Many features specific to Prefect Cloud are in their own navigation subheading.