# Prefect Cloud: The Basics

Welcome to Prefect Cloud!

Prefect Cloud automatically extends the Prefect Core engine with:

  • a full GraphQL API
  • a complete UI for flows and jobs
  • remote execution clusters
  • automatic and asynchronous scheduling
  • permissions and authorization
  • projects for flow organization
  • secure runtime secrets and parameters
  • many more features...

If you are new to Prefect, we recommend learning more about Prefect and our open source engine, Prefect Core in the Prefect Core section of the docs.

To start running your first flow, we suggest following the Flow Run Tutorial in the UI. (You'll find tutorials in the Side Menu that you can access by clicking the menu button on the top left corner of the dashboard.) Then follow the instructions and the examples in Up And Running and Deploying A Flow to start running your own flows.