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We welcome contributors! You can help contribute blocks and integrations by following these steps. We welcome contributors! You can help contribute blocks and integrations by following these steps.

Contributing Blocks

Building your own custom block is simple!

  1. Subclass from Block.
  2. Add a description alongside an Attributes and Example section in the docstring.
  3. Set a _logo_url to point to a relevant image.
  4. Create the pydantic.Fields of the block with a type annotation, default or default_factory, and a short description about the field.
  5. Define the methods of the block.

For example, this is how the Secret block is implemented:

from pydantic import Field, SecretStr
from prefect.blocks.core import Block

class Secret(Block):
    A block that represents a secret value. The value stored in this block will be obfuscated when
    this block is logged or shown in the UI.

        value: A string value that should be kept secret.

        from prefect.blocks.system import Secret
        secret_block = Secret.load("BLOCK_NAME")

        # Access the stored secret

    _logo_url = ""

    value: SecretStr = Field(
        default=..., description="A string value that should be kept secret."
    )  # ... indicates it's a required field

    def get(self):
        return self.value.get_secret_value()

To view in Prefect Cloud or the Prefect server UI, register the block.

Contributing Integrations

Anyone can create and share a Prefect Integration and we encourage anyone interested in creating a integration to do so!

Generate a project

To help you get started with your integration, we've created a template that gives the tools you need to create and publish your integration.

Use the Prefect Integration template to get started creating an integration with a bootstrapped project!

List a project in the Integrations Catalog

To list your integration in the Prefect Integrations Catalog, submit a PR to the Prefect repository adding a file to the docs/integrations/catalog directory with details about your integration. Please use TEMPLATE.yaml in that folder as a guide.

Contribute fixes or enhancements to Integrations

If you'd like to help contribute to fix an issue or add a feature to any of our Integrations, please propose changes through a pull request from a fork of the repository.

  1. Fork the repository
  2. Clone the forked repository
  3. Install the repository and its dependencies:
    pip install -e ".[dev]"
  4. Make desired changes
  5. Add tests
  6. Insert an entry to the Integration's
  7. Install pre-commit to perform quality checks prior to commit:
    pre-commit install
  8. git commit, git push, and create a pull request