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This section of the documentation contains guides for common workflows and use cases.

Keyword Description
Storage Store your code for deployed flows.
Docker Deploy flows with Docker containers.
Kubernetes Deploy flows on Kubernetes.
Push Work Pools Execute flows on serverless infrastructure like AWS ECS, Azure Container Instances, or Google Cloud Run without a worker.
ECS Run flows on AWS ECS.
Azure Container Instances Deploy flows to Azure Container Instances.
Custom Workers Develop your own worker type.
Profiles & Settings Configure Prefect and save your settings.
Logging Configure Prefect's logger and aggregate logs from other tools.
Testing Easily test your workflows.
Troubleshooting Identify and resolve common issues with Prefect.
Runtime context Enable a flow to access metadata about itself and its context when it runs.
Variables Store and retrieve configuration data.
Webhooks Receive, observe, and react to events from other systems.
State Change Hooks Execute code in response to state changes.
Dask and Ray Scale your flows with parallel computing frameworks.
Hosting Host your own Prefect Server.
Migration Guide Migrate from Prefect 1 to Prefect 2.
Prefect Recipes Common, extensible examples for setting up Prefect.

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