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Using Prefect Helm Chart for Prefect Workers

This guide will walk you through the process of deploying Prefect workers using the Prefect Helm Chart. We will also cover how to set up a Kubernetes secret for the API key and mount it as an environment variable.


Before you begin, ensure you have the following installed and configured on your machine:

  1. Helm:
  2. Kubernetes CLI (kubectl):
  3. Access to a Kubernetes cluster (e.g., Minikube, GKE, AKS, EKS)

Step 1: Add Prefect Helm Repository

First, add the Prefect Helm repository to your Helm client:

helm repo add prefect
helm repo update

Step 2: Create a Namespace for Prefect Worker

Create a new namespace in your Kubernetes cluster to deploy the Prefect worker:

kubectl create namespace prefect

Step 3: Create a Kubernetes Secret for the API Key

Create a file named api-key.yaml with the following contents:

apiVersion: v1
kind: Secret
  name: prefect-api-key
  namespace: prefect
type: Opaque
  key:  <base64-encoded-api-key>

Replace <base64-encoded-api-key> with your Prefect Cloud API key encoded in base64. The helm chart looks for a secret of this name and schema, this can be overridden in the values.yaml.

You can use the following command to generate the base64-encoded value:

echo -n "your-prefect-cloud-api-key" | base64

Apply the api-key.yaml file to create the Kubernetes secret:

kubectl apply -f api-key.yaml

Step 4: Configure Prefect Worker Values

Create a values.yaml file to customize the Prefect worker configuration. Add the following contents to the file:

    accountId: <target account ID>
    workspaceId: <target workspace ID>
    workPool: <target work pool name>

These settings will ensure that the worker connects to the proper account, workspace, and work pool.

View your Account ID and Workspace ID in your browser URL when logged into Prefect Cloud. For example:

Step 5: Install Prefect Worker Using Helm

Now you can install the Prefect worker using the Helm chart with your custom values.yaml file:

helm install prefect-worker prefect/prefect-worker \
  --namespace=prefect \
  -f values.yaml

Step 6: Verify Deployment

Check the status of your Prefect worker deployment:

kubectl get pods -n prefect

You should see the Prefect worker pod running.


You have now successfully deployed a Prefect worker using the Prefect Helm chart and configured the API key as a Kubernetes secret. The worker will now be able to communicate with Prefect Cloud and execute your Prefect flows.