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For larger teams or companies with more complex needs around user and access management, organizations in Prefect Cloud provide several features that enable you to collaborate securely at scale.

An organization is a type of account available on Prefect Cloud that enables more extensive and granular control over inviting workspace collaboration. Organizations are only available on Prefect Cloud.

Organizations icon in Prefect Cloud.

You can see the organizations you're a member of, or create a new organization, by clicking on the workspace name and selecting the gear icon next to the relevant organization.

When you select an organization, the Organization page provides an overview of the organization.

  • Workspaces enables you to access and manage workspaces within the organization.
  • Members enables you to invite and manage users who are members of the organization, if you're an Admin.
  • Audit Log exists for Admins of Enterprise accounts only. Enables you to view a log of all actions taken by users in the organization.
  • Service Accounts enables you to view, create, or edit service accounts for your organization.
  • Roles enables you to view details for all workspace roles, and configure custom workspace roles with permission scopes for your organization.
  • SSO Enables Admins to configure single sign-on (SSO) authentication using an identity provider.

Organization members

You can control granular access to workspaces by setting default access for all organization members, inviting specific members to collaborate in an organization workspace, or adding service account permissions.

To invite new members to an organization in Prefect Cloud, select the + icon. Provide an email address and organization role. You may add multiple email addresses.

Invite new members to an organization in Prefect Cloud.

The user will receive an invite email with a confirmation link at the address provided. If the user does not already have a Prefect Cloud account, they must create an account before accessing the organization.

When the user accepts the invite, they become a member of your organization and are assigned the role from the invite. The member's role can be changed (or access removed entirely) by an organization Admin.

The maximum number of organization members varies. See the Prefect Cloud plans to learn more about options for supporting more users.

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