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Base prefect command-line application

version async

Get the current Prefect version.

Source code in prefect/cli/
async def version():
    """Get the current Prefect version."""
    import sqlite3

    from prefect.orion.api.server import ORION_API_VERSION
    from prefect.orion.utilities.database import get_dialect
    from prefect.settings import PREFECT_ORION_DATABASE_CONNECTION_URL

    version_info = {
        "Version": prefect.__version__,
        "API version": ORION_API_VERSION,
        "Python version": platform.python_version(),
        "Git commit": prefect.__version_info__["full-revisionid"][:8],
        "Built": pendulum.parse(
        "OS/Arch": f"{sys.platform}/{platform.machine()}",
        "Profile": prefect.context.get_settings_context(),

    is_ephemeral: Optional[bool] = None
        async with prefect.get_client() as client:
            is_ephemeral = client._ephemeral_app is not None
    except Exception as exc:
        version_info["Server type"] = "<client error>"
        version_info["Server type"] = "ephemeral" if is_ephemeral else "hosted"

    # TODO: Consider adding an API route to retrieve this information?
    if is_ephemeral:
        database = get_dialect(PREFECT_ORION_DATABASE_CONNECTION_URL.value()).name
        version_info["Server"] = {"Database": database}
        if database == "sqlite":
            version_info["Server"]["SQLite version"] = sqlite3.sqlite_version

    def display(object: dict, nesting: int = 0):
        # Recursive display of a dictionary with nesting
        for key, value in object.items():
            key += ":"
            if isinstance(value, dict):
                return display(value, nesting + 2)
            prefix = " " * nesting
            app.console.print(f"{prefix}{key.ljust(20 - len(prefix))} {value}")