Configure Your Environment

Log in to Prefect Cloud

Before you are able to use the many features of Prefect Cloud, you'll need to authenticate your local machine. This is achievable by retrieving a Personal Access Token from the UI and providing it to the Prefect Command Line Interface.

To obtain a Personal Access Token, navigate to and through the hamburger menu in the top left corner go User -> Personal Access Tokens -> Create A Token.

Lastly, authenticate your machine with Prefect Cloud:

prefect auth login -t <COPIED_USER_TOKEN>

CLI not installed

If the prefect command is not found then Prefect may not be installed. Go here for instructions on how to install Prefect.

Create a Runner Token

Running deployed Flows requires an Agent being authenticated against Prefect Cloud. To do this, let's generate a RUNNER-scoped API token:

prefect auth create-token -n my-runner-token -r RUNNER

Keep this runner token handy for future steps, or store it as an environment variable: