# Docker Agent

The Docker agent executes flow runs in individual Docker containers. This provides more isolation and control than the Local Agent, while still working well on a single machine.

# Requirements

The Docker agent requires a valid Prefect installation, as well as an active and accessible Docker Daemon. Before starting the Docker agent, you should check that you have Docker installed and running.

# Flow Configuration

The Docker Agent will deploy flows using either a UniversalRun (the default) or DockerRun run_config. Using a DockerRun object lets you customize the deployment environment for a flow (exposing env, image, etc...):

from prefect.run_configs import DockerRun

# Configure extra environment variables for this flow,
# and set a custom image
flow.run_config = DockerRun(
    env={"SOME_VAR": "VALUE"},

See the DockerRun documentation for more information.

# Agent Configuration

The Docker agent can be started from the Prefect CLI as

prefect agent docker start

API Keys Cloud

When using Prefect Cloud, this will require a service account API key, see here for more information.

Below we cover a few common configuration options, see the CLI docs for a full list of options.

# Streaming Flow Run Logs

The Docker agent includes an option to stream logs from its running flows to the console, rather than relying on Prefect Cloud/Server to access these logs. This can be useful for debugging flow runs locally. To enable, use the --show-flow-logs flag:

prefect agent docker start --show-flow-logs

# Configuring Networking

To add all flow run containers to an existing docker network, you can use the --network flag.

prefect agent docker start --network my-network

# Mounting Volumes

To mount volumes in all flow run containers, you can use the --volume flag. This matches the docker CLI --volume flag for using Docker bind mounts. The flag can be provided multiple times to pass multiple volumes.

prefect agent docker start --volume /host/path:/container/path --volume /another/volume

# Disabling Image Pulling

The docker agent includes a --no-pull flag which disables its ability to pull non-local images. This can be useful in debugging scenarios (where you don't want to accidentally pull a remote image) or for extra security where you want to ensure only local images are used.

prefect agent docker start --no-pull

# Docker Daemon Address

The Docker agent will use the default Docker daemon address for your system ( npipe:////./pipe/docker_engine on Windows, unix://var/run/docker.sock on everything else). If you need to configure this manually, you can use the --base-url option:

prefect agent docker start --base-url unix://some/other/docker.sock