# Overview and Setup

Welcome to the Prefect Deployment Tutorial! This tutorial will cover:

If you haven't yet, you might want to go through the Prefect Core Tutorial, which covers in greater detail how to write Prefect Flows.

# Install Prefect

Before starting the tutorial, you'll need a working install of the core Prefect library.

You can find installation instructions here.

# Select an Orchestration Backend

Prefect supports two different orchestration backends:

To use Prefect with either backend, you must first select that backend via the CLI:

$ prefect backend cloud
$ prefect backend server

Note that you can change backends at any time by rerunning the prefect backend ... command.

# Authenticating with Prefect Cloud Cloud

If you're using Prefect Cloud, you'll also need to authenticate with the backend before you can proceed further.

# Create a Personal Access Token

To authenticate, you'll need to create a Personal Access Token and configure it with the Prefect Command Line Interface.

  • Login to https://cloud.prefect.io
  • In the hamburger menu in the top left corner go to User -> Personal Access Tokens -> Create A Token.
  • Copy the created token
  • Configure the CLI to use the access token by running
prefect auth login -t <COPIED_TOKEN>

# Create a Runner Token

Running deployed Flows with an Agent also requires a RUNNER-scoped API token for the Agent. You can create one using the CLI:

prefect auth create-token -n my-runner-token -s RUNNER

You'll need this token later in the tutorial. You can save it locally either in your ~/.prefect/config.toml config file, or as an environment variable:

# ~/.prefect/config.toml
auth_token = <COPIED_RUNNER_TOKEN>