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Explore Prefect concepts

Keyword Description
Flows A Prefect workflow, modeled as a Python function.
Tasks Discrete units of work in a Prefect workflow.
Deployments A server-side concept that encapsulates a flow, allowing it to be scheduled and triggered via API.
Work Pools & Workers Bridge the Prefect orchestration environment with your execution environment.
Schedules Tell the Prefect API how to create new flow runs for you automatically on a specified cadence.
Results The data returned by a flow or a task.
Artifacts Formatted outputs rendered in the Prefect UI, such as markdown, tables, or links.
States The status of a particular task run or flow run.
Blocks Prefect primitives that enable the storage of configuration and provide a UI interface.
Task Runners Enable you to engage specific executors for Prefect tasks, such as concurrent, parallel, or distributed execution of tasks.
Automations Configure actions that Prefect executes automatically based on trigger conditions.
Filesystems Blocks that allow you to read and write data from paths.
Block and Agent-Based Deployments Description
Block-based Deployments Create deployments that rely on blocks.
Infrastructure Blocks that specify infrastructure for flow runs created by a deployment.
Storage Lets you configure how flow code for deployments is persisted and retrieved.
Agents Like untyped workers.

Many features specific to Prefect Cloud are in their own subheading.