# Census Tasks

This module contains a task for starting and monitoring Census sync jobs

# CensusSyncTask



(api_trigger=None, **kwargs)[source]

Task for running Census connector sync jobs.

This task assumes the user has a Census sync already configured and is attempting to orchestrate the sync using Prefect task to send a post to the API within a prefect flow. Copy and paste from the api trigger section on the configuration page in the api_trigger param to set a default sync.


  • api_trigger (str, optional): default sync to trigger, if none is specified in run
  • **kwargs (dict, optional): additional kwargs to pass to the base Task constructor




Makes sure the url for the api trigger matches the Census format specified below. If it does not, it will raise a ValueError before returning.

Format of api_trigger: - "https://bearer:secret-token:s3cr3t@app.getcensus.com/api/v1/syncs/123/trigger"


  • api_trigger (str): if specified in the constructor, will call this validation there
  • confirmed_pattern (Match Object: https://docs.python.org/3/library/re.html#match-objects)


(api_trigger, poll_status_every_n_seconds=60)[source]

Task run method for Census syncs.

An invocation of run will attempt to start a sync job for the specified api_trigger. run will poll Census for the sync status, and will only complete when the sync has completed or when it receives an error status code from the trigger API call.


  • api_trigger (str): if not specified in run, it will pull from the default for the CensusSyncTask constructor. Keyword argument.
  • poll_status_every_n_seconds (int, optional): this task polls the Census API for the sync's status. If provided, this value will override the default polling time of 60 seconds and it has a minimum wait time of 5 seconds. Keyword argument.
  • dict: dictionary of statistics returned by Census on the specified sync, structure below.
'error_message': None / str,
'records_failed': int / None,
'records_invalid': int / None,
'records_processed': int / None,
'records_updated': int / None,
'status': 'completed'/'working'/'failed'

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