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Tutorial Overview


Before you start, install Prefect:

pip install -U prefect

See the install guide for more detailed instructions.


If you've never used Prefect before, let's start by exploring the core concepts:

  1. Flows & tasks - the core elements of Prefect.
  2. Configuration - enhance your flows and tasks with parameters, retries, caching, and task runners.
  3. Execution - configure how your flows and tasks run.
  4. Orchestration - the components of Prefect that enable coordination and orchestration of your flow and task runs.
  5. Deployments - enable remote flow run execution.
  6. Storage & Infrastructure - specify where your flow code is stored and how to configure the execution environment.

If you have used Prefect 1 ("Prefect Core") and are familiar with Prefect workflows, we still recommend reading through these first steps, particularly Run a flow within a flow. Prefect 2 flows and subflows offer significant new functionality.