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How-to Guides

This section of the documentation contains how-to guides for common workflows and use cases.


Title Description
Hosting Host your own Prefect server instance.
Profiles & Settings Configure Prefect and save your settings.
Testing Easily test your workflows.
Global Concurrency Limits Limit flow runs.
Runtime Context Enable a flow to access metadata about itself and its context when it runs.
Variables Store and retrieve configuration data.
Prefect Client Use PrefectClient to interact with the API server.
Interactive Workflows Create human-in-the-loop workflows by pausing flow runs for input.
Automations Configure actions that Prefect executes automatically based on trigger conditions.
Webhooks Receive, observe, and react to events from other systems.
Terraform Provider Use the Terraform Provider for Prefect Cloud for infrastructure as code.
CI/CD Use CI/CD with Prefect.
Specifying Upstream Dependencies Run tasks in a desired order.
Third-party Secrets Use credentials stored in a secrets manager in your workflows.
Prefect Recipes Common, extensible examples for setting up Prefect.


Title Description
Docker Deploy flows with Docker containers.
State Change Hooks Execute code in response to state changes.
Dask and Ray Scale your flows with parallel computing frameworks.
Read and Write Data Read and write data to and from cloud provider storage.
Big Data Handle large data with Prefect.
Logging Configure Prefect's logger and aggregate logs from other tools.
Troubleshooting Identify and resolve common issues with Prefect.
Managed Execution Let prefect run your code.
Shell Commands Shell commands as Prefect flows

Work Pools

Title Description
Deploying Flows to Work Pools and Workers Learn how to run you code with dynamic infrastructure.
Upgrade from Agents to Workers Why and how to upgrade from agents to workers.
Flow Code Storage Where to store your code for deployments.
Kubernetes Deploy flows on Kubernetes.
Serverless Push Work Pools Run flows on serverless infrastructure without a worker.
Serverless Work Pools with Workers Run flows on serverless infrastructure with a worker.
Daemonize Processes Set up a systemd service to run a Prefect worker or .serve process.
Custom Workers Develop your own worker type.
Overriding Work Pool Job Variables Override job variables for a work pool for a given deployment.

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