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prefect-slack is a collection of prebuilt Prefect tasks that can be used to quickly construct Prefect flows.

Getting Started

Python setup

Requires an installation of Python 3.8+

We recommend using a Python virtual environment manager such as pipenv, conda or virtualenv.

These tasks are designed to work with Prefect 2.0. For more information about how to use Prefect, please refer to the Prefect documentation.


Install prefect-slack

pip install prefect-slack

Slack setup

In order to use tasks in the collection, you'll first need to create an Slack app and install it in your Slack workspace. You can create a Slack app by navigating to the apps page for your Slack account and selecting 'Create New App'.

For tasks that require a Bot user OAuth token, you can get a token for your app by navigating to your apps OAuth & Permissions page.

For tasks that require and Webhook URL, you get generate new Webhook URLs by navigating to you apps Incoming Webhooks page.

Slack's Basic app setup guide provides additional details on setting up a Slack app.

Write and run a flow

from prefect import flow
from prefect.context import get_run_context
from prefect_slack import SlackCredentials
from prefect_slack.messages import send_chat_message

def example_send_message_flow():
   context = get_run_context()

   # Run other tasks and subflows here

   token = "xoxb-your-bot-token-here"
         text=f"Flow run {} completed :tada:"